youtube for seo

If you're a regular user of the internet, you will at some time have watched videos on YouTube, or even submitted your own video. Millions of people visit YouTube every month, and, although there are other similar sites, it's the leader by far, and a perfect place to market your site or product.

youtube for seo

Most people selling on the internet are familiar with search engine optimization and the role it plays in getting pages ranked on the first page of Google. This ranking is the holy grail of internet marketing and can mean the difference between a thriving, money-making website, and one that has sunk into oblivion.

These same SEO techniques can be used on a YouTube site. Why is this so cool? Because video ranks highly on Google and a well-designed video optimized for SEO will increase a page ranking much quicker than placing articles on multiple sites and creating back links.

So just what is involved in producing an SEO optimized video for YouTube? Here are a few quick hints:

  • Develop the idea and write a storyboard. This is similar to a script, using drawings, diagrams and instructions to illustrate the action sequences to be videoed.
  • Shoot the video and do any post-production editing or reworking.
  • Develop a title and description before going to YouTube to upload, because the information is set at this point. Both the title and the description need to contain good, strong keywords and common variations.
  • Include a link to the URL at the start of the description, where it will be visible and clickable.
  • YouTube allows the inclusion of tags which are invisible on the public page, but which match this video to others with similar tags. It shows as a "related video," increasing the chances of people giving it additional views.
  • The more popular a video is, the more often it will be shown, and the better the ranking in the search engines. Extra effort to create a great video will result in better search rankings, as many of the videos on YouTube are of questionable content and poor quality.
  • To increase the number of inbound links and embeds, promote the video to people and sites that might link to it. Most times, all it takes is to contact the owners of relevant sites and blogs and ask them to look at the video. If they like it, they will embed or link to it.
  • Use a blog to let readers know about the video, and ask them to leave a rating or comment on the YouTube site. Facebook and Twitter friends may do the same if asked; in fact, use any existing social networking contacts to promote the video.
These are just a few suggestions to introduce you to SEO via YouTube. Video marketing is gaining ground over pure textual content, because it presents the information in an entertaining and interactive way. Millions of people watch YouTube. They can't all be wrong.

youtube for seo

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